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Spicy Miso Tsukemen (Tokyo Style)


Tonkotsu based soup

Toppings: Cha-shu, Baby Corn, Cilantro, Brussels Sprouts, Tempura Bean Sprouts, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Sansho Pepper

Limited Quantity: 15 Servings

Beyond Ramen


Tonkotsu based soup only at beyond

Toppings: Pork Belly, Green Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Sesame, Dried Seaweed, Fried Garlic, Mizuna

Orenchi Ramen


Tonkotsu based soup

Toppings: Pork Belly, Soft Boiled Seasoned Egg, Green Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Mushroom, Sesame, Dried Seaweed

Tori Soba


Salt Based Soup

Toppings: Chicken, Tokyo Leek, Bamboo Shoot, Lemon, Dried Seaweed

Chu-Ka Soba


Soy Based Soup

Toppings: Chicken, Tokyo Leek, Bamboo Shoot, Wakame Seaweed, Dried Seaweed, Fish Cake


Age Takoyaki $7.5

Hamachi Carpaccio $12.8

Spicy Karaage $8

Spicy Edamame $4.8

Karaage $8

Tebasaki Owariage $8


Beyond Salad $10.5

Daikon Salad $6.5

Potato Salad $6.8